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Our artists have art and passion tattooed on the soul, elements that are a guarantee of emotion, beauty and quality in each of their performances. They are the protagonists of each movement, rhythm and melody on stage, a true artistic challenge that has led them to show their talent across the world.



Art & Dance has toured many countries on every continent with unmatched tours, backed by public assistance and media criticism. Throughout these years we have been present in stages of distinctive and exclusive festivals in the world such as Arab Emirates, Germany, Turkey, United States, among others, which have won numerous awards.

We represent top-level artists who stand out in the middle for their originality, elegance and creativity in each of the projects that we innovate together. In our agenda you can find all our activities, events, shows, links and more. If you wish to request more information about a dance company or artist, contact us.

IMAD  – Madferia – Nave 10 de Matadero

School campaign – Las Rozas

School campaign – Las Rozas

School campaign – Las Rozas


The performing arts that we produce, direct, represent and distribute in Art & Dance belong to the categories of dance, singing and music. For each category we have specialized artists, guaranteeing the highest artistic and professional level for the public that wishes to enjoy our shows.

Passion, rhythm and versatility are artistic qualities that define our Flamenco, Spanish, Classic or Contemporary Dance. We have the pleasure of working with great artists such as El Choro, La Lupi, La Venidera, Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, Ballet  Nacional, Antonio Canales, Compañía Antonio Gades, Ballet Carmen Cantero, etc. Watching them perform is witnessing beauty, finesse and mastery.


Our Flamenco, Jazz, Folk and Classical musicians communicate feelings and emotions that seduce the soul. We invite you to delight yourself listening to Flamenco Meets Jazz, Las Migas, María Toro, Jesús Guerrero, Fetén Fetén, Ana Crisman, Thomas Potiron and Grupo A Contraluz. Each of them have fresh, creative and versatile projects and, above all, the power to reach the audience.

The musicians Art & Danza work with show their passion through their compositions and their dedication onstage.


In our shows for children, young people and families we transmit values through dance and music from a pedagogical point of view. The allure of the costumes, scenery, characters and, in most cases the humorous tone, involves the audience in the performance. Fetén Fetén, Ballet Carmen Cantero and Da.Te Danza use dance to create a universe filled with numerous emotions.



Contamos con una selección de artistas de importante trayectoria profesional y con gran experiencia en espectáculos multidisciplinares que pueden ser adaptados y personalizados a todo tipo de espacios.

Art & Danza’s artistic team offers a great variety of multidisciplinary performances that combine the best of the performing arts and entertainment world. Our portfolio includes small, medium and big scale shows aimed at both businesses (trade fairs, congresses, conventions, company parties, product launches, etc.) and general public (weddings, celebrations, etc.) with national and international coverage.

What makes us stand out is that our artists have a long and fruitful professional career and extensive experience all kinds of events. Our strength lies in tailor-making our performances  to our customer needs, with good taste and extraordinary staging.